Great Convenience Brought By Lunch Boxes In Our Lives, All Thanks To Lunch Box Forming Making Machine.

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The lunch box forming making machine is the key equipment for crushing the materials after being crushed. It brings great convenience to our lives, so what options we should pay attention to when using lunch box making machine are that increasing of the above-mentioned load and the length of the test run time are determined based on the running-in situation of the large and small gears and the reducer gears. Before the tooth surface contact accuracy does not meet the design requirements, it must not be operated at full load.
The cooling and lubrication system should work normally during the trial operation. The temperature of main bearing, transmission bearing and reducer should be normal. After loading 2/3 of the number of steel balls for 24-48 hours, check and tighten all bolts again. Trial operation should be carefully recorded. The continuous operation time of dry operation shall not be less than 12-24 hours, and problems found during operation shall be solved in time.
The dry run test machine is normal and the load test run can be carried out. The load trial operation should be carried out in stages. During load operation, feed should be carried out according to the discharge situation to avoid unnecessary wear and damage of steel balls and cylinder liners. In our daily life, paper fast food boxes bring convenience to our lives and help environmental protection. With the development of the fast food industry, it has also led to the rapid progress of fast food boxes. Now we can not only eat delicious food in fast food restaurants and restaurants. We can also take home the dishes in a fast food box, which is really a convenient choice.