Multi Grid Take Away Fast Lunch Box Machine Making For Food(with lid)

Multi Grid Take Away Fast Lunch Box Machine Making For Food(with lid)
Multi Grid Take Away Fast Lunch Box Machine Making For Food(with lid)

Machine introduction:

GP-ZH series is our GOODPLUS machine series to make different kinds of paper lunch box. Including normal lunch box machine, take away box machine, noodle box machine, fried rice box machine, burger box making machine and multi-grid box making machine.

All these machines are designed to deal with Kraft paper, white cardboard, PE coated paper, coated paper and so on.

This fully automatic box making machine is mainly to make take away box with multi-grid, ie, 3-5 small grid. We can make different box size by changing mold and design.


Machine configuration:

  1. PLC controlled, easy to operate and learn.
  2. Stable running. The paper feeding structure adopts mechanical transmission, which is stable and durable.
  3. Less maintenance work. The mechanical action program control, paper shortage alarm, fault monitoring, mold forming at one time, convenient debugging.
  4. Adopts ultrasonic seal and heat seal, which meets a lot different design.
  5. Stable speed.
  6. Less labor .


Technical information:


lunch box making machine

Power supply

380V, 50HZ, 13KW


17-25 pcs/min (depends on the box sample)

Packing size






Paper size

Max: 550-350 Min: 350-250/squre meter PE paper PLA, coated paper

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