Paper Cup Making Machine (Standard Speed)

Paper Cup Making Machine (Standard Speed)
Paper Cup Making Machine (Standard Speed)
Paper Cup Making Machine (Standard Speed)

Machine introduction:

GP-ZB paper cup making machine is goodplus machine series to make different paper cups. Different size, single layer paper cup machine, double layer cup making machine, KFC big cup making machine and so on.

Paper cup making machine (standard speed) is a line to make cups with 50-80pcs/min. Most of them use heat seal.

Machine use PE coated paper. From 180-300gsm. To make different size cup for different usage.

We also welcome customized orders.


Machine feature:

  1. Machine adopts heat seal and forming.
  2. Small machine, easy to start.
  3. Stepping-motor is used to control the bottom paper feeding, which can make machine more stable and save raw material. With light eyes under the paper roll, the machine will be stopped when out of bottom-paper, avoiding the waste in paper.
  4. Gear drive is adopted to avoid the defect of loose gap of chain drive.
  5. This device adopt non-contact multi-point light control switch (such as in paper holder, glass tube ,bottom paper and so on, according to customer demand). It can detect working situation, then achieve a fault alarm preventing machine from collision, makes the machine more stable and longevous.
  6. Paper tube station uses independent cam to handle glass holder. This is advanced in stability and will not make noise when it works.
  7. The machine is equipped with gear motor simplifies the complicated system and makes the machine more stable.
  8. Optional ultrasonic sealing and collecting station.


Technical parameter:


Paper Cup Making Machine


380V 50Hz





Production Capacity

70-80 pcs/min

Paper Cup Size

φ30-80mm 30-85mm

Paper weight



Single and Double PE Coated Paper

Gas resource


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