Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting Machine
Die Cutting Machine

Machine introduction:

GP-MQ series is our die cutting group. The die-cutting machine uses a combination of rollers and cutting plates to put pressure on a die and push it through the card or paper to create a shape with neat and precise outlines. Dies are usually thin metal shapes, with a raised outline on one side. This is the cutting edge of the die, but it is not especially sharp – so you don’t need to worry about damaging your die-cut machine.

The machine can make die cut on paper and paper board for different shapes according to demand.


Machine feature:

1.The working speed is 90-150times per minute, It has the ability to die-cutting, creasing and embossing for various shapes.

2. Paper conveyed by servo motor to ensures steady and accurate conveying. sensor checks the color code of printing to ensure fix the paper position accurately.

3. Electric control system uses PLC and HMI. Equipped with safety refinements to make acoustic - optical alarming and auto stop when some faults.

4. Worm wheel and worm transmission system ensures the powerful and steady pressure.

5.Lubricating with oil circulation and alarming when lack of oil to ensure smooth running and prolong the machine life.

6. The die-cutting frame uses pneumatic locking system to convenient operation.

7.It adapts electric control pneumatic clutch to protect the machine when start and emergency stop.

8.The flywheel provides a mounting location to the clutch and also can increase the pressure.


Technical parameter:

Cut Precision:

 ± 0.10mm

 Production capacity:


 Paper Convey Width:


Max Roll paper diameter:


 Suitable Material:

 120-600g/m2 coated paper, white cardboard

 Total Power:


 Total Weight:



 Maximum cutting size:

 950 x540mm / 950 x640mm(optional)

 Maximum Pressure:


 Overall Dimension:

 4200 x 2100 x 1850 mm

 Working Air Source: 

 Air pressure :0.6Mpa ;

Working air: 0.3m³/min;

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